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Xpress Pool Service has been a leader in pool maintenance, service and repairs in Estrella and the southwest valley for over 10 years.  We specialize in weekly service to maintain the quality and integrity of your Arizona pool.  Our weekly services include balancing the pool’s chemistry including sanitizer (chlorine), pH and alkalinity. We ensure that your pool stays clear, healthy and safe for swimming.  We will also empty all pump and skimmer baskets, brush all walls, benches and steps and skim/net the top of the pool. We run your pool equipment on a weekly basis to ensure that your pumps are running fully primed and check for any problems, including the cleaning systems. Our most important pool is yours!  Give us a call today or feel free to sign up for a free, no obligation evaluation and quote for weekly Goodyear Pool Service on our website.

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21 Jul

Your Private Oasis!

Keep your private oasis pristine!  Call Xpress Pool Service today!

18 Jul


Our Monsoon is here! If you are swimming and hear THUNDER, it’s CLOSE enough to strike! Get out immediately and go inside!

07 Jul

Keep Your Family Safe!

Keep your family safe! Missing or non-VGBA compliant drain covers are dangerous!  

Pool Services

Chemical Service

A perfectly balanced pool is essential for safe and enjoyable swimming.

Pool Cleaning Service

Our highly trained and certified technicians perform pool cleaning service for your pool to ensure it is clean, clear, and sanitized.

Renovations and Enhancements

We are a licensed contractor, bonded and insured, and no renovation job is too small or too big.