21 Jun

Cartridge Filters

Keeping your pool in pristine condition includes cleaning the cartridge filters.  We recommend every 6 months!

15 Jun

It’s Officially Monsoon Season!

Pool tips after a monsoon storm: Run your pool until your pool is clean empty pump and skimmer baskets sweep benches and steps add shock if needed ensure filter is cleaned on a regular schedule Above all, if you hear lightning, it’s close enough to strike!  Stay inside and be safe!!

02 Jun

Clean Swimming Pool

Our professional pool cleaning services help maintain your pristine paradise for all of your summer fun.

26 May

Memorial Day

Remembering all fallen soldiers this Memorial Day!   Safe swimming this weekend!  

13 May


Add automation and a remote to make your pool more enjoyable!  Press a button to turn the heater on, switch to spa mode, turn on the light or run the water feature!

13 May

Testing Your Pool Water

Water samples should be taken from (a) the most convenient location or (b) 18″ below the surface?  The answer is (b)!  While your pool is running, test the water 18″ below the surface, then hold the strip for the recommended time (no shaking the water off!!) for an accurate reading.