06 Apr

Test Your Pool Every Week

Your pool water chemistry should be tested and adjusted EVERY week!  pH and alkalinity balance is just as important as chlorine!

30 Mar


Cartridge filters should be cleaned and inspected every 6 months (or more often if necessary)!  Filters with cracks or broken banding should be replaced.  Also remember to inspect the manifold!

23 Mar

Testing Your Pool Water

When you have your pool water tested, it is important to take into account the natural qualities from your municipal water source. “National Standards” may not apply!

17 Mar

Ducks in a Pool!!

Ducks are such cute birds, especially in the spring when they have ducklings!  But they don’t belong in your pool!  They are messy and can pollute the water!  Use deterrents such as floating beach balls and search for nests in your yard!  Shoo!!

14 Mar

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

If your pool is turning green, but has plenty of chlorine, test for phosphates!  Adding phosphate remover also removes the food for algae!

08 Mar

Pool Safety

Never leave a child unattended in or near a pool or spa and ALWAYS watch your children closely around all bodies of water!