17 Apr


Phosphates are a common problem!   Fertilizer, tree and lawn debris, municipal water and even bathers add unwanted phosphates into your swimming pool!  Phosphates provide food for algae, so even a properly sanitized pool can get algae!  If phosphates are present, use a phosphate remover.   

21 Jul

Your Private Oasis!

Keep your private oasis pristine!  Call Xpress Pool Service today!

18 Jul


Our Monsoon is here! If you are swimming and hear THUNDER, it’s CLOSE enough to strike! Get out immediately and go inside!

07 Jul

Keep Your Family Safe!

Keep your family safe! Missing or non-VGBA compliant drain covers are dangerous! https://www.poolsafely.gov/  

04 Jul

Another Beautiful Remodel!

Another beautiful remodel by Xpress Pool Service! Stonescapes pebble surface in Tahoe Blue Mini and Firestone Stone Gray tile.